F*** me boots!

I want these sexy boots from Fuss! Fuss has so many sexy shoes and boots but these are my favorites now. I love the red sole, making these boots an absolute must-have-item! I can not wait to stick my feet in these 14

Here you can find the boots from Fuss

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Pink dreams!

Nothing is better than pink latex, or what? I love pink latex and I think soon that it is my favorite color! This is a fantastic 2 part suit. They call this bubblegum pink actually, and I understand why. The suit consists of a jacket with long sleeves and a skirt. I think I’ll order it now.

This pink dream is available from Fetasia Latex




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Tablaux Vivants

Here is some of the amazing collection from Tablaux Vivants! I just love their design, don’t you? Their idea is to dress the freshest people at the party, and thats what this collection is all about. I picked out 6 of my favorites from their online store. Wear this at a party and you would get the attention you deserve!

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You can find the online store here,

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Lady in red

I just love Atsuko kudo! They are one of the leading latex manufacterers in the world and has been for years. Their latex garments is seen on stars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and Nicole Scherzinger, just to name a few. Here is some of the latex I just love right now, from their shop!

The 50s cup bra, Miss T mini dress, Red hair bow and the Miss T bra!


Red is associated with seduction, sexuality, eroticism and immorality,

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SEXy latex dress!

I have just ordered this elegant long black latex dress. I just love latex dresses! And I like the long dresses, I think they look more sexy rather than the shorter ones. A long dress like this is elegant and sophisticated. It hasn’t any details witch I usually like but I would complete this outfit with some jewelry around my neck and maby a bracelet and some rings. Just to make it more interesting.

Here you can find the dress from breathless




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