My favorite latex item?

I get this question a lot, what is my favorite latex item? Well I love latex and rubber in general. And there are so many beautiful garments. But my answer would probable be gloves! I just love latex gloves, in all lengths and colors. Latex gloves is elegant and sexy. Black used to be my favorite but there are so many other great colors. Black, white, red and blue, I think these are the standard colors, but I also have grey, pink, green, purple, brown, beige, yellow and transparent. I buy my gloves from Latexa and Simon-o. I found that they have great quality and the size small is perfect for my size 7 hands. So thats my answer!

These are my grey, pink and transparent latex gloves. All from Latexa. All cleaned.




Skjermbilde 2013-02-26 kl. 16.59.31

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