A good question;

Mathias asked me a good question and it took me a while to get the answer right. This is his question;

Hi MissJeanette, I was just wondering if you have a membership on another pay site, and if you have, why?

My answer to him was this;

Hi Mathias. Nice of you to read my blog. I must say that is one of the more interesting questions I have received so far. The answer to your first question is yes. I  currently have 3 memberships right now. I will try to explain why 🙂

1. Rubbertits.net is one of the sites I have been a member of for some time now. I guess I have a fascination for latex torpedo tits (now you know!), and they also include many of my other fetishes I have, from latex gloves, masks, high heels, vacbed, latex teasing and so on. And its also nice to see what other people are doing and see what kind of ideas they have. Gives me a lot of inspiration!

2. TheRubberclinic.com is another site. I guess its no big secret but I just love latex nurses! Not many good sites that include a good rubber nurse, but this one does. They have a variety of clips but some of the stuff  is a little too hard core for me. Its great seeing the nurses though, in all their latex. I also get a lot of inspiration from their clothing and combination of their latex outfits. Great site!

3. Glovemansion.com is probably not a big surprise. I have a huge fetish for latex gloves and this is about the only site at the moment who provides that. They have all sorts of gloves, from satin, leather, household and latex. Latex and household is the one for me, I havnt seen any of their other clips. But its a great site and they update a lot. 

4. Fetishx.co.uk is the last one. I´m actually not a member at the moment but I used to be. I have downloaded their content and it happens that I look at the clips. Only because I have a fetish for latex mackintoshes. (now you know hehe) And this site is the only one that includes that. 

So now you know, and thank you for your answer, xx Jeanette


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