What your boyfriend would love

5 things your boyfriend would really love and appreciate.

1. When he comes home from work, stand in your kitchen dressed as a sexy latex maid with long yellow latex gloves. Just dishwashing and ignore him would drive your boyfriend crazy! And probably never leave you after a scene like that.

2. Surprise your boyfriend by bringing your latex gloves to the cinema and just tease him with your gloves during the movie. Be sure to sit in the back of the theatre. Your boyfriend would probably need to see the movie again some other time, but he would love this!

3. When he is a sleep you get up and get dressed as a sexy latex nurse. Just by the time he wakes up in the morning you stand next to the bed and say “You have an appointment” and the rest is up to you.

4. Put on some sexy latex underwear and greet him outside at a coffee shop or somewhere else there are other people. Tell him and maby show him what you wear under your regular clothes. That would really drive him crazy!

5. Secretly order a new latex outfit and be sure he doesn’t know what you’re up to! He would be really surprised and happy when he sees you in your new latex outfit.


Skjermbilde 2013-02-26 kl. 16.59.31


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