The Libidex nurse

If you want to become the ultimate fetish latex nurse, this is the post for you. I get a lot of questions about how to dress as a nurse. I showed you how to put together the nurse outfit from Atsuko Kudo and now I will show you how to put together the Libidex latex nurse. First we start with the hats. All nurses need hats. Both hats look really nice and would be perfect over a latex hood, right guys?? 😉

B0006P 0502 B0006P 0396

Then we go to the dresses. Personally I like the white and red one, but the turquoise is also great. Both dresses has that nurse look. The white one has a little cleavage witch is great, and the green one is a little bit longer than the white. Sexy sexy!

Skjermbilde 2013-09-21 kl. 10.31.35 Skjermbilde 2013-09-21 kl. 10.32.09


And the combination should be; A pair of white long shiny latex gloves, a pair of white long latex stockings, a white latex hood with red lips and a pair of sky-high killer heels. So, enjoy your nurse.


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