Yellow latex, such a rarity

Isn’t it? But it looks great! Especially the long yellow latex gloves. I would like to see a black french maid dress with long yellow latex gloves. Unfortunately I don’t have yellow latex gloves, it’s rare to obtain 😦


10255018_785157094842366_6042780105688048868_n 10304706_785157078175701_8093830298704989946_n 10307392_785157291509013_1003098000480025416_n 10308420_785158131508929_3327146473456091584_n  10366289_785156268175782_8028862744675061185_n 10388114_785158094842266_5893152122556361147_n 10401442_785156651509077_5484583973124184560_n

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