Fetish models wanted!

Im looking for models for my new site, upcoming this fall.

Models wanted for shooting clips and pictures.

The site contains no nudity at all! Very important!

Models doesn’t necessary have any fetish experience.

The scenes for shooting will contain latex and rubber clothing. High heels and boots.

Models must be over 20 years old.


If you are interested, or no someone who might be, please contact me at missjeanette@hotmail.no

Best regards,

Skjermbilde 2013-02-26 kl. 16.59.31

Latexstyle /Miley

I got inspired by Miley´s outfit so I found some great items. She is wearing a pink bomber jacket, don’t know where she got that but I found this great pink leather jacket instead. The black latex bra and latex leggings is from Atsuko Kudo. This outfit looks great on a night out for sure!

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Outfit 4 : The french maid

The maid uniform is one of the most popular uniforms amongst latex lovers, me included! I think it looks really sexy, and boys love the look! Atsuko Kudo have a great maids uniform and it comes it three pieces, the dress, apron and the cute little maids hat. If you want to be the ultimate rubber maid, combine with a pair of long black latex gloves, latex stockings and also a black rubber hood.. and don’t forget a pair of killer heels!

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Outfit 3 : The red dress

Sometimes I just find these dresses that I think is really cute, and this is one of them. The red color is strong in this dress and the detail on the bust makes it really interesting. Nice detail with the red pearl necklace, but the gloves are missing. Great little red dress though. The dress is from Jane Doe and the shoes is from Shoeking.

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Skjermbilde 2013-04-30 kl. 20.47.09

Outfit 2 : The nun

The nun has always been a little dark and mysterious and forbidden love. Maybe thats why its also very popular amongst latex fetishists. I got an email after I did the nurse outfit and someone wants me to put together the ultimate rubber nun.

I think the nun needs to be shiny black and the perfect one is from Latexa. It also includes the hood. I think this dress is really sexy and all you need is a pair of black platform boots and a pair of long black gloves. Nothing more to it really.


You can find the dress here, and the boots here.

Outfit 1 : The nurse

It´s part of every mans fantasy and has been for many many years. This time with a upgrade to the ultimate sexy Rubbernurse!

We start off with the basic latex nurse dress. Many can be found but lets use this one from Atsuko Kudo. The dress is simple, white and with red details. They also have a little nurse apron to attach to the front and a nurse hat. And for those long glossy sexy legs I recommend a pair of red latex stockings and a pair of patent red pumps to give you those extra 15 cm. Since the dress has got short sleeves you need a pair of long white latex gloves and its optional, but I would use a pair of red latex underwear. So there you have a great complete outfit, the always sexy rubber nurse.

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Dress, hat, apron, stockings and underwear is from Atsuko Kudo, pumps is from High Feelings