Jordan Carver in latex

Such a pretty woman, isn’t she? She is a glamour model from Germany.

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Yellow latex, such a rarity

Isn’t it? But it looks great! Especially the long yellow latex gloves. I would like to see a black french maid dress with long yellow latex gloves. Unfortunately I don’t have yellow latex gloves, it’s rare to obtain 😦


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SBR Mackintosh

Rubber rainwear? Yes! Not exactly back on the main stream fashion radar but the SBR mackintosh looks fantastic! The mackintosh have been a part of a small but intimate fetish community since the 50’s and 60’s. Today the rubber mackintosh is mainly a fetish item but major fashion houses brought them back, but its still a “dare to wear” item. I myself got my very own latex mackintosh, made from 1mm thick black rubber and I love it!

Skjermbilde 2013-02-26 kl. 16.59.31

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My first post!

First of all, it’s really great to be a part of Rubberdreams. I have been a follower for months now. In my first post I will introduce myself. Isabelle is my name, 23 years old, and I’m from Aarhus in Denmark. I have been in the fetish community for some years now and my fetishes include latex, rubber, high heels and domination / rubber play. I will write more about myself later ;¤

One of my favorite fetish ladys is Asmondena. Or Lady Asmondena. A german fetish model witch I have followed ever since I saw her in a fetish magazine wearing rubber from Marquis. Absoluta amazing! She looks stunning in her latex. Stunning and powerful.

Best regards,


asmondena1 asmondena2 asmondena3 asmondena4 asmondena5 asmondena6