Latexa latex nun

I have just ordered this amazing nun dress from Latexa. I love the length of it, and it’s like a long dress. The rubber nun is perhaps one of the kinkiest outfits I know of. I will combine it with a pair of long black latex gloves, black PVC boots and a black latex hood…. now, where is my whip!!





Outfit 2 : The nun

The nun has always been a little dark and mysterious and forbidden love. Maybe thats why its also very popular amongst latex fetishists. I got an email after I did the nurse outfit and someone wants me to put together the ultimate rubber nun.

I think the nun needs to be shiny black and the perfect one is from Latexa. It also includes the hood. I think this dress is really sexy and all you need is a pair of black platform boots and a pair of long black gloves. Nothing more to it really.


You can find the dress here, and the boots here.